Celebrating Harvest

It’s time for harvest! The farmers are battling rainy and wet conditions to bring in the harvest as the combines are in the fields bringing in the grain. They’ve worked hard since early Spring in anticipation for harvest. They’ve disked, planted, removed rocks, irrigated, cultivated, sprayed insecticide, dealt with various varmints and I’m sure many...


Born to be Free

Uncovering the Evidence of our Freedom through Personal Experience (Galatians 3:1-6)


Discipleship Thoughts

Have you ever thought what it might be like to have lived back in the 1st Century? Back during the times we read about in the book of Acts? There were miracles, the church was sending missionaries all throughout the known world, new churches were starting almost every week. Most importantly, people were being saved. One...



Community Are you lonely even in a crowd? Even though we have smart phones, world-wide internet access and various social media platforms where we can interact and communicate with people, loneliness among Americans seems to get worse not better. What we’ve discovered is a social media “friend” doesn’t guarantee friendship. The General Social Survey found that the...



Availability Cheri and I were able to spend the weekend with family. We had family visiting from Ohio, and we all got together with our sons and their family in Omaha. You might say it was a small family reunion. Some of us even went to the Buckeye vs. Husker game and that was an...


Plugged In & Powered Up

Plugged In and Powered Up   A couple of weeks ago my wife called and said, “my computer is completely dead. It has a black screen and it won’t power up.”  At that point I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes, “oh great another unplanned expense. Fabulous!”  And then I said, “make sure...


Too Much

Too Much Have you ever wondered about the implications of having too much? On the other end of the spectrum, most of us have had moments of anxiousness and often overcompensate to prevent having too little. My grandparents and a great grandmother, all I got to know intimately, had at least one thing in common. They...